Friends’ wedding

Tomorrow is my friend’s wedding! First and foremost, I’m happy to be among those invited and going to contemplate it. Secondly, the fact that it’s being at home and rather low-key party makes me happy as well. Some people say that a wedding is a lifelong memory event and should be celebrated as lavishly as possible. However, I’m quite a modest person and I tend to thing slightly different. Anyway, I’m in favour of a discrete way of celebrating.
Present: we’ve bought a little tree. Additionaly, it has been decorated with beads and two tiny birds…lovely! They’ll like it.
What is the best present for just married?

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FCE results

Today I woke up and immediately became aware I should renew my blog. It’s been ages since my last post and I have lots news to share.

Firstly, I’d like sharing my FCE test results. Although there is nothing impressive but I passed it at least (which is not bad I suppose). I’ve got «C» and there were only 3% which separated me from “B” (I’ve done 72% right). To be honest I was slightly disappointed because I used to get better marks doing past papers.  I thought I would get not much for the speaking part. I was so nervous in the exam that I forgot to answer the question I was asked in the long-term part. However, I’ve got “good” for the speaking. The best part I did was “reading” and the worst was “writing”. I reckon it is the truth – I’m not very keen on writing. Maybe that is the main reason I started leading the blog.  I know that nobody will check my slip-ups but it is an essential practice for me. I believe I can improve my writing because every time I write I try to use Google to check some shady/unclear moments. Anyway, I got over my result and decided to study further through FCE books for some time. Moreover, I’ve bought an additional book for grammar and vocabulary to improve “Use of English” part. I’m not going to retake FCE because it isn’t cheap thing to do. Instead, I’ll keep studying and who knows maybe someday I’ll dare to go for CAE certificate.


Secondly, I was on holiday for three weeks in Thailand. I spent three fascinating weeks in the country of the sun and friendly people. It was our first time in Asia and it didn’t let us down. I didn’t know there are so many beautiful places in Bangkok. I was intoxicated be different smells in a street. It looks like Thai people never eat at home. There are many Buddhist temples we visited. The tuk-tuk is a reckless thing I’ve ever been given a lift by.

Then was Samui is there paradise on earth then it’s somewhere near Samui.

Every time I recall the time I was there it makes me feel depressed because it was such an amazing experience. It was one of my best trips abroad.

I had enough time for reading, finished Fahrenheit 451 and The Lost symbol by Dan Brown. The last one I liked especially.  Yesterday, I started “Shantaram” inspirited by reviews on this book.

Finally, my live is back to mundane days, drown by routines.

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Secrets and Lies


There’s no doubt that “Secrets and Lies” is a powerful film. I have found out from Wikipedia that these kind of films are called “kitchen sink realism”. It’s a about working-class people living in rented accommodation and spending their spare time in pubs. Personally, it was my first experience of watching this type of film. This experience was more positive than negative. If I was asked to recommend the film I would say this film not for a broad audience. Moreover, it’s not a film for entertainment.

In my opinion, Maurice is the main character in the film. He is kind, intelligent and successful in running his own business. He has a photo studio and everyday he meets a lot of new people. His main goal, in order to take a good photo of clients, is to make them feel comfortable and Maurice knows how to do that. Monica is Maurice’s wife, a good looking woman, in her thirties. She’s a housewife, she does chores and stenciling on the wall – decorating. At the beginning she made a bad impression on me, because she argues with Maurice without any particularly reason. Nonetheless, Maurice manages to calm her down and somehow to save their relationship. On the other hand my opinion changed at the end of the film when I found out the cause of Monica’s behavior – she can’t have a baby. Cynthia is Maurice’s sister and lives in poor area. Although, she has daughter (Roxanne) she feels lonely. I can’t see any love from Roxanne, she treats her mother like an enemy. The situation begins to change when Hortense appears. Cynthia sees a new reason to live. She goes out with Hortense more often and they become good friends.

The climax of the film happens at Roxanne’s birthday party. All secrets and lies are discovered. All find out that Roxanne is not Cynthia’s colleague, but her daughter. Roxanne refuses to believe it and leaves the party. Maurice tries to sort it all out and convinces Roxanne to go back. Nonetheless, he can’t stand any more  lies and tells the truth about his wife. Eventually, all ends well. I believe that the fact there aren’t  any secrets any more makes their family stronger. Moreover, Roxanne always wanted to have a sister. I highly recommend this film to everyone who  likes watching realistic films, where all is not so bright as in Hollywood film. Furthermore, it makes you to think a lot.

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Am I a blogger?

It’s been 17 days from my first post and I feel I need to write further. Unfortunately I don’t have much time now, but have a lot to share: trip to Penza, my exams at university (actually, it’s a cause why I don’t have any time). So, it popped up a question how often should I post to be considered as a blogger? Also, I’m interested in how long it takes to write a post for advanced blogger? I am amateur and only study how to be successful)

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It’s just the beginning…

Today a really historic moment for me…Today I started something completely new and unknown for me…yes, it’s a blog. I’ve never tried it before, moreover I used to think that blogging is a waste of time and only for lonely people. And now I’m here, writing my first post and have a great expectation that it is not the last one)

When I was creating the blog I think what it is going to be about…and actually, I haven’t decided yet. Therefore, I’m going to write about my life, my thoughts and things which are surrounding me.

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